Wedding Dress Cleaning

Her Once in A Lifetime Gown Should Last A Lifetime.

Wedding Dress Cleaning with Pick Up/Drop Off

Door 2 Door Dry Cleaning will be happy to safely transport your beloved wedding dress from the front door of your home to our cleaning facilities at your convenience. Once we’re done with your wedding dress cleaning, we will deliver your perfectly clean preserved wedding dress back to your home with the highest standard of care.

Wedding Dress Cleaning Process

Before we begin cleaning your wedding dress, we inspect it, its veil, and any other accessories for spots, tears or other problem areas which will require special attention. Our specialist will determine what treatment is best for each area of the gown to preserve it’s brightness, texture, and quality.

Next, our specialist will process your gown using the gentlest of all possible formulas. These special techniques will expertly clean and finish your gown.

Then your wedding dress and accessories are carefully shaped and  packaged in our attractive storage system for safekeeping and preservation.