Suede and Leather Cleaning

Superior Suede/ Leather Cleaning

While a lot can go wrong with improper suede and leather cleaning, Door 2 Door Dry Cleaning has mastered this precise art with fourteen years of experience. We provide high quality suede and leather cleaning without any of the damage normally caused by Dry Cleaner carelessness. We know just how to provide suede and leather cleaning while preserving its style and character. 

Our craftsmen know how to clean painted leather without making it look like a cheap synthetic and preserve the character of vintage hides without making them look battered. After we’ve cleaning your garments to perfection, we treat your suede and leather using natural oils to keep skins as soft and supple as the day they were sent out from the tannery.

We know that the right leather or suede item can be a part of your fashion persona. We take the greatest personal care with our clients’ suede and leather cleaning so you won’t have to sacrifice your personal style to careless cleaning. You can trust us with your leather. We guarantee that you’ll be happy with the results of our superior suede and leather cleaning care.