Office Dry Cleaning Services

Improve Your Company’s Appearance

Here’s a perk your staff will love that comes at no cost to your company: Our free pick up and office delivery is convenient, quick, and ensures that employees always have fresh, professionally cleaned clothes available. With no need to drive to the dry cleaner and no extra charge for pick up and delivery, our service provides added freedom to their busy lives. Your employees will appreciate your commitment to rewarding their dedication.

FREE Office Dry Cleaning Services

You don’t pay extra for the added convenience of door to Door Dry cleaning FREE pick up and office Delivery. We can provide you with an optional laundry bag! Get $10 coupon on your first order and 10% off on each office order!


It’s easy to get started by signing up online or calling customer service.


Don’t leave your desk !

No more special trips to and from your dry cleaners means that you can save more time for things that matter.  Our Pick-up & Delivery Driver can visit your office anywhere, anytime! When you sign up, you can also give us your cleaning preferences (for example, “no starch” or “extra starch”), so we’ll know exactly how you want your items cleaned.

See the Our Services page for a full list of our offerings.

How it works:

1-Sign up for a FREE pick up and Office Delivery,or call us on 905-640-0321

2-We provide you ( Optional) with a Bright Blue Bag that is water resistant and designated with a unique identification tag.

3-A driver picks up your Bag from your office on scheduled days and delivers your clothes fresh and clean .

4-You will be charged automatically to your credit cards.

Corporate services

Looking to add a perk to your office for your employees? Sign your office up today for our free pick-up and delivery service. Your office will enjoy 10% off every order, on each order , and a 10$ worth of door to door’s dollars to be used on your first dry cleaning order
For more information, please call 905-640-0321